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Arushi Sethi

World Mental Health Day ignites the Reminding Light that we all are united, despite our colour, creed, race, by one thing, which all Seven Billion of us share in common, that is Our Mind. It helps increase acknowledgment, awareness, and acceptance of Mental Health: A Reality for All. The day helps forward intention into the action of envisioning and orchestrating Mental Health to gain main stage and everybody to live a life of dignity, where every voice matters, and everyone has access to affordable and quality-driven Mental Health Care.

Impacted over 10 million lives last year with the campaign, this year, we come with the hope and sight of reaching out to all the beautiful minds and sustainably aspiring to break the stigma around Mental Health in all corners of the world.

Henk Parmentier

Celebrating World Mental Health Day gives us the unique opportunity to show case the work that many volunteers, people with lived experience, professionals and organisations are doing around the world in the field of mental health and mental well-being. Over the years we have seen many local initiatives, forming a platform to create awareness about how importance mental wellbeing is for our general health, and reducing stigma about mental ill health. The phrase "There is no Health Without Mental Health" is still ever so important and relevant.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic shows clearly that inequalities in our systems are affecting health, leading to unequal mortality rates amongst the most vulnerable groups in our society. The theme for WMHD 2021 could not be a more relevant this year: "Mental Health in an unequal world". WMHD provides the global platform to come together and show case success stories and reduce stigma and inequalities.

Ingrid Daniels

World Mental Health Day themed Mental Health in an Unequal provides us with the opportunity to use all our resources to campaign and raise global awareness about the decades of systemic and societal inequalities and injustices perpetrated against people with the lived experience. Inequalities in access to mental health deprives people from living fully integrated and dignified lives. The greatest barrier that people with mental disability face is society's attitude towards them. This largely determines how they are excluded from opportunities afforded to most of us.

Mental health can no longer continue to operate in an unequal world in which peoples' rights are disregarded. Mental health is every ones business and together we can make a difference to ensure decisive action to increase investment in mental health and safeguard social justice for all living with a mental health condition.

Juan Carlos Fantin

World mental health day is not just another day that is offered for a certain commemoration. In my opinion, it represents a milestone on the path of inclusion of those who have been excluded for centuries. It represents the attempt to fight against the stigmatization to which many of those who suffer from mental disorders were (and still are) subjected. The mental day of mental health is thus a discussion of our attitudes, as human beings, towards mental suffering, which includes all those who suffer from the greatest vulnerability and require our help and our closeness.

Julie Millard

"World Mental Health Day (WMHD) on October 10 is an opportunity to actively participate in global mental health promotion and education. WMHD activities have significantly grown since its creation in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health. The day now provides a platform for all of us to stand together, raise awareness, reduce stigma and discrimination, and share resources and support others, no matter where we live. As a global community we need to build mental health literacy, to boost health outcomes, make a commitment to ensure access to quality health care services when needed, advocate for greater investment in mental health supports including peer led, and recognise the strength and resilience of individuals, communities, and nations. WMHD reminds us that kindness, compassion, hope, and equity are needed now, more than ever."

Michael Burge

I always dreamed of being a representative of a world-wide mental health organisation like WFMH. Being part of global mental health challenges, where there will always be mountains to climb, systems to change is truly a huge privilege and an honour.

I am inspired by the WFMH leading the way towards systemic change. The ongoing discrimination across the world could potentially be one of the biggest modern day systemic failures in our societies. WFMH has taught me that no matter what level you are at, you can always make real change towards improving the quality of life for people with a lived experience of mental illness.

Being part of the WFMH, contributing to genuine and meaningful change towards improving the quality of life for people will forever be a lifelong heartfelt passion of mine.

Michael Kariuki Kamau

World Mental Health Day has always being close to my heart. It's the day that whole World focuses on our brothers and sisters who are struggling with mental health issue and enables them feel appreciated and cared for. Governments are also reminded to allocate more resources in the mental health sector in order to capacity build mental health professionals and create awareness at grassroots to change the attitude on mental illness and reduce stigma attached.

As a mental health professional, l encourage all of us to join hands in this noble walk. Let us be the voice of the voiceless especially those patients in chains and locked up in psychiatric institutions without family or relatives visiting them to provide care and a shoulder to lean on.

And to those whose family, relatives or friends have died as a result of suicide, l stand with you as you try to come into terms with the tragic loss. Just know you are not alone. I thank you.

Nasser Loza

World Mental Health Day was observed for the first time on October 10th, 1992. The World Federation for Mental Health choses the topic for Mental Health Day. In 2021 topic of World Mental Health Day is Mental Health in an Unequal World.

The realities of the world economy, politics as well as the effects of global warming and finally Pandemics have all contributed to the current situation of an unequal health care globally. Mental Health seems to have suffered more than other health disciplines. The World Federation for Mental Health has prioritized this awareness message that has become an important consideration in planning of services for Mental Health care. It is no longer possible to apply "One model fits all" to our communities. Perhaps taking in considerations of the inequalities in today's work will help us to provide our service users with better mental health support.

Patt Franciosi

World Mental Health Day is the leading educational project of the Federation. It seeks to encourage governments and civil society around the World to include mental health as one of their top health priorities.

Initiated in 1992 under the leadership of Richard Hunter the then Secretary General of the Federation. Dick was a man with the dream that mental health concerns would be recognized as an integral part of overall health. He brought passion to the advocacy movement to improve care of people with mental illnesses. Each year the organizers of national and local World Mental Day activities carry his vision forward.

The theme for WMHD 2021 is "Mental Health in an Unequal World". This educational focus seeks to raise awareness as to the social and economic inequalities that exist. Quality care is often denied to people with limited access or resources. This is unfair and unjust. We must raise our voices and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Dick would be proud of this theme.

Robert Mezzina

It's time to recognize the impact of mental health inequalities worldwide, especially after the 'syndemic' of Covid-19. Poor housing, lack of work, no access to healthcare result in poor outcomes.

Disparities are increasing between and among countries. Covid-19 is in itself an illness of inequality, with concurring violations of human rights, stigma and related discrimination both in institution and in society. This is linked to power and participation of all stakeholders; it is a political issue as well as a civic imperative for all of us. Moreover mental health professionals are asked to contribute with an unprecedent effort to deal with the highest and sudden increase of mental distress in society since last century, as well as to help especially those with severe mental issues to receive care and support.

Sarah Tushemereirwe Twine

World mental Health Day is a lifestyle for me. For 4 years now, every day is a day for me to be aware of my mental health status, promote it and progress on the journey of recovery. This is a day I needed when I was 6 years old, a day I wish my mother and siblings had known back in 1994. May be the 20 plus years of my experiences with mental Health conditions would have been prevented or I would have quickly begun the journey of recovery. Now I also work towards all families knowing and experiencing the essence behind WMHD i.e. enjoying good mental health, addressing stigma that surrounds mental Health Conditions and giving hope to persons with lived experience with mental Health conditions. Thank you WFMH for this Day well needed.

Shu Jen Lu

The World Mental Health Day on 10th October is such a beautiful and meaningful day. The day is the National Day of Taiwan as well! In the glorious October, let us combat stigma and discrimination, reduce inequality, build a cooperative and harmonious society, and further create a participative, integrated, and equal universe!

We will also host an Asia Pacific Regional Webinar on 2nd October 2021 to celebrate WMHD. Welcome to join us!

Silvia Raggi

The Covid 19 pandemic has made it clear that the world is increasingly unequal. The poorest countries are those that have suffered the most from the consequences of the pandemic (fewer health resources, fewer vaccines, more deaths).

Our challenge will be to fight for better conditions, for greater access to health, for a greater budget for mental health.

The pandemic has multiplied the mental ailments: quarantine, isolation, deaths, have wreaked havoc on people and we must dedicate ourselves to mitigating those pains.

Let us join our efforts to prevent future pandemics, to prevent future diseases but, especially, to leave a better world for our children and our grandchildren, a world with more justice, more equitable.

Spyros Zorbas

Mental Health in an Unequal World. Our world is not equal and mental health is a priority during the pandemic of COVID-19.

This theme highlights that access to mental health services remains unequal, with between 75% to 95% of people with mental disorders in low- and middle-income countries unable to access mental health services at all, and access in high income countries is not much better.

I would like to join the voice of representatives of organisations from all countries around the world calling for fairer access to flexible mental health services for all. Warm wishes for World Mental Health Day 2021 from Athens, Greece.

Sunil Mittal

Over past three decades, the World Mental Health Day (WMHD) has created an effective platform promoting free-flowing conversations on what were considered difficult topics, nudging dialogues around crucial themes, driving public discourse and policy on Mental Health. In India, as in most parts of the world, Mental Health has historically remained stigmatised, Mental Health care - poorly funded, and rights of persons with mental illnesses as well as access to care neglected. Bringing Mental Health centre stage, WMHD draws attention of individuals, communities, professionals, enterprises, governments and organisations, providing impetus to establish appropriate laws, policy, budgets, programmes and service institutions. The WMHD theme every year spotlights a contemporary need, giving direction to a broad based movement for Mental Health. Enjoying good Mental Health and access to care without discrimination, after all, is everyone's fundamental right.

Tracey Bone

World Mental Health Day has served as a beacon of light for those living with mental health challenges, their families, and friends, and those working and volunteering in the mental health field. It has been a beacon to remind us all that mental health falls on a continuum and that we now or will at some point in the future all need mental health supports. The pandemic, consequences of climate change, war and other significant events around the world reinforce the overwhelming need to ensure the light remains focused on World Mental Health Day, and that mental health continues a primary focus both across the world and throughout the year.

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