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About the Conclave

As part of our Global Campaign 2021, we are organizing a two-day virtual program - WFMH Youth Conclave'21 - recognizing the World Mental Health Day 2021. The virtual program will be streamed exclusively on WFMH Facebook on October 9 and 10 featuring Digital Presentations, Messages from the Dignitaries and Speaker Keynotes.

The campaign

Campaign Vision

As we negotiate with the extreme polarities in the World, advocating for mental health in an unequal world is a vision as well as a global priority. The campaign echoes such concerns and puts-forth the collective spirit for mental health to prosper in a more united World. These unprecedented times have made us realize not just the need for collective action, but also collective responsibility towards mental health. The Global Campaign strives to offer ray of hope, community based actions, and implementable solutions paving the way for global change.

Event detail

Social Updates

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